The legalization of hemp has generated a good deal of buzz in recent years, not just because hemp is an incredibly versatile plant when it comes to manufacturing, but also because of its potential health benefits. These benefits stem from a compound known as cannabidiol or CBD. Not all modern consumers have been won over to CBD, though, and there’s a good reason to be skeptical given how recently it has hit the market.

Want to find out whether CBD can really be used to treat stress and anxiety? This article will cut through the hype, offering proven evidence that using cbd gummies for anxiety constitutes an effective treatment option.


Early Studies

In 2010, one study found that CBD products like those found at can help to reduce symptoms of social anxiety. During this study, researchers took brain scans of participants who suffered from social anxiety disorder before and after taking CBD. The scans showed changes in blood flow in areas of their brains that were linked to anxiety, proving that CBD actually alters the way that the human brain responds to social anxiety.


CBD isn’t just used to treat social anxiety. A 2011 study also showed it to be effective in treating the anxiety experienced by participants surrounding public speaking. In evaluating these results, it’s important that readers remember that unlike cannabis, cannabidiol does not produce psychoactive effects.

Recent Studies

As more research has been performed on CBD, additional evidence has been uncovered indicating that it also shows promise in treating many other types of anxiety disorders. One literature review published in 2015 collected the results of many prior studies and showed that CBD was effective in treating everything from panic disorder to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


CBD Use in Children

One recent case study performed in 2016 showed that CBD can be used safely to treat the symptoms of PTSD and associated anxiety in children with personal histories of trauma. Not only did the child in the case study find that cannabidiol reduced her anxiety, but it also helped to treat an associated anxiety-provoked sleep disorder.


Learn More Today

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